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ThaiElephantArt.com – Terms & Conditions

We will keep it as simple as possible.

1.  Delivery Time. Allow approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of shipping of order. Due to the high value of the paintings we may need to email you to confirm your shipping address. If we do contact you please ensure you do this as soon as possible to avoid any possible delays to the delivery of your paintings. We will not ship any painting if we cannot confirm the shipping address.

2.  Exchanges and Cancellations. Please check your order carefully prior to submission. Once an order has been submitted it cannot be cancelled. It may be possible to exchange a painting for a different one if  the order has not already been shipped but is at the sole discretion of ThaiElephantArt.com

3.  Videos of elephants painting artwork  is not included. Photographs will be taken during the painting session to ensure the authenticity of the painting.

4.  Lost and Damaged Goods. Non receipt of goods must be reported as soon as possible.  Notification of damaged goods must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of the goods so that an insurance claim can be made. You must complete a claim form at your local post office and provide us with a certified copy of the original claim form within 7 days.  The shipping costs to return the painting shall be at the buyers expense.

5.  We ship to the designated address provided by PayPal and by EMS courier mail whenever possible. When EMS courier mail is not possible we shall use Registered Parcel Airmail. It is the responsibility of the buyer to accept receipt of the goods at the shipping address provided by PayPal or address provided in the order form. If the buyer is unable to accept the items ordered at the time of delivery the buyer must contact their local post office immediately to arrange for the item to be collected. Any shipping expenses incurred by us to ship and re-ship the item due to non collection and return of the item by the post office shall be at the buyer’s expense.

6. Please note that our products do not include sales tax or import duties that may be payable in some countries. Please check with your local post office or customs office for further details.

7. Payments via Paypal will be made to our Paypal account “GenesisOne”. If using a credit card “GENESIS” will appear on your credit card statement’

8. When using PayPal, to avoid any delays in processing your order ensure that your account address is confirmed and your payments are verified by PayPal.

9. Paintings sold do not include frames. They will be shipped in a protective tube to prevent damage by folding, creasing or piercing.


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