Custom Name


Have an elephant write your name, short word or phrase. Maximum of 6-8 letters in single colour on white background canvas.

Colours available: Black, purple, green, red, orange.


When ordering this style of painting please ensure that you include the name, word or short phrase you wish the elephant to paint for you in the Additional Information: Order Notes field at checkout.

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All elephant paintings are genuine and done by elephants. Although there may be similarities between the paintings done by each individual elephant, all of the paintings are unique. Please note that the paintings are done by animals and not human artists. It is expected that there will be some imperfections such as smudges, smears, drips or streaks.

This  picture has been painted on canvas and the size is approximately 82 cm (w) x 62 cm (h) or 2′ 8″ x 2′. Free shipping and insurance is included.

* Please note that we are unable to give refunds as donations are made to NGO’s such as the World Wide Fund For Nature. No exchanges are possible with this order as the name is customised to your personal choice.