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Will Elephant & Rhino Poaching Ever Stop?


The fight against blood ivory and poaching seems to be ongoing. Only just a few days ago there was a seizure of over 1,100 African elephant tusks, and some rhino horns and leopard skins.

This major illegal wildlife trading bust occurred in Hong Kong when customs officials seized 21 crates of contraband with a value of over $5 million dollars.

Although officials in many countries around the world are working hard to eradicate the activities of these organised syndicated killings, the going is still tough.

With limited resources and corruption in impoverished nations it makes the battle even tougher. When there is a bust we are only saddened to know that countless numbers of elephants, rhinos and other endangered species of wildlife have one again been slaughtered for the Asian and particularly affluent Chinese market.

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What is syndicated poaching or killing? Watch the video below.