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The Truth About Elephant Paintings

There is a great misconception as to elephant paintings and elephant painting. Many people are unaware as to the truth about elephant paintings and why they are done.

Elephant paintings is just one of the many varied activities that elephants do whist in nature parks and elephant camps. Tourism is a major contributor to the continued upkeep and welfare of the Asian elephants in Thailand.

Watch brief video to learn the truth about elephant paintings. Your support is much appreciated.

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Thailand Ivory Crush

Thailand iivory crush

Under the new administration, the government has ordered the destruction of ivory seized. The Thailand ivory crush has been done to comply with the ruling by CITES to impose sanctions on Thailand if it doesn’t take genuine action to show that it is complying with international regulations regarding the trafficking of endangered species.

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Save Kenyan Elephants

Learning about the elephants and how they behave in the wild empowers you to be able to help them more. Each elephant can create millions of revenue in tourism. They need to be protected so that future generations can enjoy their greatness.

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China Implicated In Ivory Crime Of The Decade

The demand for ivory for every day items such as chopsticks is pushing the drive for ivory higher and higher.

Chinese Embassy Officials in Tanzania have been suspected of purchasing ivory items. Tourism to Tanzania by the Chinese to purchase ivory products is tempting locals to slaughter the elephants for short term profit is a lucrative business.


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Elephant Poaching Decimates Mozambique Elephant Population By Fifty Percent!

Elephant poaching is rampant once again in the African nation of Mozambique. It is estimated that there are only about 10,000 or so elephants left.

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