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Continuing to provide the best elephant art online has provided elephant art online since 2012. We see the rise of some superstar elephants.  Some elephants create some beautiful works of art with the assistance of their mahouts. Each elephant has a different style and level of aptitude when painting. Some of the elephants include Bank, Srinon, Nam Tang, Nam Tong and of course the favourite elephant artist, Suda. The elephant, Tanwa, recently showed her talents as an excellent artist.

Purchasing Elephant Art OnlineBest Elephant Art Oline

We are pleased to announce the release of a new collection of elephant art online. This is by the elephant painter, Tanwa. Quality elephant paintings are highly sought after.

They make a perfect showpiece to your office, gallery or home. The simple pastel designs make it easy to blend in with any type of room. The painting dimensions are 62 cm x 82 cm.  Paintings are available in landscape and portrait view.

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This piece lovely  painting is called “Tanwa: By The River” and is a one off, never to be painted and sold by us again..


Currently, our paintings are shipped using courier mail. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is no additional cost to our customers. We chose to absorb this cost to ensure prompt delivery.

To purchase our elephant art online click here to visit our online gallery.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive verification of the order.  The elephant painting will then be prepared and shipped. Delivery times vary and will depend on the country that it is being shipped to.  We allow a time frame of approximately 10 working days to most countries. However, we have found that in many instances, the time to be less than a week. We recommend when purchasing elephant art online, do so early. Order early to allow sufficient time for it to be delivered and to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important for time-sensitive occasions such as anniversaries or public presentations.

How Are The Paintings Shipped?

When you purchase an elephant painting online through you can be assured that your painting will arrive safely and in a timely manner. Before shipping the paintings, we carefully check them for any material defects. We also check the quality of the colour of the artwork to ensure that it always looks great. Once the painting has passed our initial inspection, we roll up the painting and ship it in a cylinder. This helps prevent the painting from being crushed, bent or folded. Photographs of the elephant painting the artwork you ordered are also included. These photographs show the elephant painting at various stages throughout the painting session. These photographs guarantee the authenticity of your painting.

Aftersales Gift

Once you have received your painting, it is important that you notify us by email. You need to confirm that your painting has been delivered and received. This step must be completed in order to receive this unannounced gift. This can be done by sending us an email stating ” Elephant painting Delivered and Received OK” together with the date you received it, purchase order and your name. We will then contact you by email regarding how you can receive the complimentary gift. Unfortunately, only people who complete this step are eligible.


Some of our valued customers have asked us whether we still do videos of the elephant paintings they purchased. In the past we used to do video shoots of the entire elephant painting session, edit it down to an acceptable length for $195 per video. The final video would be put onto a DVD and sent to the customer separately. We discontinued doing this a few years ago.

However, we can do a slideshow-style video presentation of your painting with some general elephant painting footage. If you have and any text or voice-over that would you would like to include in the video presentation, we can do this. The total length of the video customization will be approximately 2-3  minutes in length. The delivery method will be MP4 format send via a private youtube link, google drive etc.

The fee for this additional service is USD39.00 and is only available to customers who place this order when purchasing their elephant art online or shortly afterwards.

Sample video: