Genuine Elephant Artwork

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Our Elephant Artwork Brings Smiles

As well as bring smiles to all those who view our elephant paintings, they also just look, simply great!

Genuine Elephant Paintings

We have a very nice selection of genuine elephant paintings. These pieces of artwork are painted by elephants. They are assisted by their mahouts (trainers). Not all elephants can paint. Only a few elephants paint. Some elephants do not wish to paint. Some do not have the aptitude.

The elephants that paint find it engaging. They look forward to the rewards and treats they receive when a painting is completed.

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to train an elephant how to paint at a basic level. To achieve the skills necessary to create a piece of artwork similar to the one in the video above may take several years.  The elephant also needs to acquire the skills to understand and be able to communicate with its mahout.

Brighten Up Any Dull Room


Spruce up your showroom, gallery, office or your home with one of our beautiful elephant paintings.

When placing an order you can have your artwork customized. This will make it a more memorable and pleasurable experience. All of the elephants depicted in the videos are well treated and cared for by reputable and respected elephant park owners.

Every painting sold by also helps an elephant clinic in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand and help fight the battle against blood ivory.  Blood ivory accounts for thousands of African elephants being slaughtered for their tusks.

Suda is a popular Asian elephant artist and has been painting for a number of years. Another elephant rising to stardom is the elephant Tanwa.

You Can Help Save The Elephants

Help save the elephants. Every purchase of an elephant painting helps to save the elephants. You can make a difference, just like Jessyca (Jess) did. She cared about elephants and wanted to help. This artwork helps support the work of WWF. The WWF works with governments to clamp down on poaching and blood ivory.


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By supporting elephant artwork, you help to raise funds for organizations like the WWF. We donate approx 30% of the purchase price of Genuine Canvas elephant paintings less shipping and PayPal processing fees.

Elephants paintings are amazing pieces of artwork.  It is a skill that not all elephants possess. Of the few elephants that can paint. only a selected few can paint visually stunning pieces.

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